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What the heck is AIS?

What the heck is AIS? AIS is a method of stretching. My husband, Kyle, calls it ‘Absolutely Insane Stretching’ – but it’s really Active Isolated Stretching. There are many types of stretching including Ballistic, Static, Dynamic, Passive and Isolated. I’m sure weve done them all as they surfaced as ‘the one to do’ at some […]

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Combating Dry Winter Skin

Baths are not just a relaxing and pleasant activity. Herbal baths are great when it comes to providing health benefits to the body. If you have a very hectic lifestyle, a herbal bath can do wonders to your equilibrium and health. Rosemary is an excellent muscle relaxant and can actually aid in improving your circulation. […]

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General Benefits of Massage

The general benefits of massage during race/sport season include faster muscle recovery, increased tissue regeneration, increased oxygen and nutrients into tissues, reduced fascial adhesion’s to decrease muscle cramping, improved circulation and increased immune system. All of the above mentioned can only lead to a better performing athlete. With faster muscle recovery you will not only […]

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Stinking Water Bottles

Ok, this is not a massage related tip. Just a general ‘get a little more time out of your water bottle tip’. I’ve heard time and time again of my clients complaining they just found their favorite water bottle under the seat of their car or in the bottom of that huge workout bag… which […]

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How often should I get massage?

An overview of Suzie’s massage recommendations: During Race Season: optimal- 60 or 90 min appt once a week – best utilized 24-48 hours after your longest/hardest training day- full body w concentration on sore areas. ideal- 60 or 90 min appt once every 2 weeks 24-48 hours after your longest workout -w primary concentration on […]

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