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How often should I get massage?

An overview of Suzie’s massage recommendations:
During Race Season:
optimal- 60 or 90 min appt once a week – best utilized 24-48 hours after your longest/hardest training day- full body w concentration on sore areas.
ideal- 60 or 90 min appt once every 2 weeks 24-48 hours after your longest workout -w primary concentration on sore areas.
* I will not treat anyone within one week of a race or tournament (injury is the exception) who has not been receiving regular massage during training season. Happy to schedule Post race tx. and get you on a routine from there.
No massage within the first 72 hours (R.I.C.E), possible to treat after 48 hours upon evaluation or doctors permission
optimal- 30 min appt to treat injured area only 1-2 times a week for 3 weeks, re-evaluate after each appt -when injury is gone 1 60 min full body massage to work out any compensation issues – faster recovery
ideal- 30 min appt to treat injured area only – 1 time a week every 2 weeks, reevaluate- longer recovery
Maintenance Massage:
during season:
optimal- 60 min appt full body every 1-2 weeks
ideal- 60 min appt fully body every 2-3 weeks
off season:
optimal- 60 or 90 min appt every 4 weeks (exception is 1-2 weeks if we’re doing a total deep tissue remodel muscles after race season)
ideal- 60 or 90 min appt every 5-6 weeks
*however I don’t treat many of you that have a true ‘off season’ !
Kinesio Taping:
optimal- tape every 3-5 days until tissue is healthy; wear tape for 3-5 days, reevaluate
ideal- tape1 day prior to race or long workout; wear tape for 3-7 days, reevaluate
note: KT is only used on injured tissue- not as preventative
train hard. recover smart

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