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The folks at The Sport of Massage are a critical component of my recovery process! As a competitive swimmer, they are very familiar with the primary muscles we overwork and use great techniques to allow me to continue my hard training! – Erica B., World Record Holder – Master Swimmer

I started working with Suzie Bush for a few simple reasons. She knows exactly what athletes need, and has an understanding of the human body that you can only get from years of experience. I’ve had massages from many people in many different countries and to be home and get one from suzie is always a treat! ~ Jacob Rathe, Pro Cyclist, Jelly Belly-Maxxis

Suzie and Dagmar are by far the best massage therapists for those of us that have worked out most of our life, creating very tight muscles and injuries. Their soft tissue massages are the only therapy that really gets deep enough to release my muscles, give me the relief I need, and prevent me from future injuries. They are also very knowledgeable, always helping me to understand why my body feels a certain way and providing ideas to help minimize ongoing pains, muscular tightness, and injuries. I love to exercise, but I simply could not exercise the way I want without their expertise. Thank you! – Donna H, Workout Enthusiast